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Tips & Advice from Mateus Realty

Why It Might Be a Good Idea to List Your Home near the Holidays

Buying or selling a house during the holidays may not seem like a great idea. Most people are getting ready for out-of-town visitors, doing some last-minute shopping, preparing large meals, going on vacations etc. For those reasons, listing a house…

Working with Millennials Versus Working with Baby Boomers

When you’re a real estate agent, you may have to change your strategies somewhat depending on who you’re working with. There are things that Millennials might be looking for, that Baby Boomers may or may not be looking for. Then…

How to Identify an Overpriced Home

Sometimes it’s a buyers market, where there’s a lot of inventory on the market, but not too many people looking to buy. Sometimes it’s a sellers market, where there’s not a lot of inventory available, but there are a lot…

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